A project by Judy Rushin

Variance Invariance is a participatory art project that uses abstract painting as pre-fab systems to create active art experiences. It is an extension of my desire to understand abstract painting by exploring a painting as something that can be intimately and collaboratively experienced by individuals in their own domestic spaces. By sharing my work privately with individuals and later in galleries and museums along with their shipping boxes, texts, and project documentation, this project is an experiment in cooperative design, alternative platforms for artistic engagement, while also an affirmation of the gallery’s role as a site for social discourse.

How it works
This project was designed on a small scale with interior spaces - especially living spaces - in mind. If you would like to enjoy my work in your living or work space send me an email and we'll talk. 

Expect a conversation. The exchange of ideas is a key component of the project. If we agree to work together, I will offer you a set of dates and I'll send you a set of paintings to assemble as you wish and keep for three weeks.

Use of Variance Invariance to stimulate social gatherings, exhibition openings, political demonstrations, contemplative ceremonies, creative writing, looking, and breathing is encouraged.

The Question of Value
You tell me what this experience is worth to you. You might contribute some money to help support the project. Or you might want to send me a piece of your creative work, a bottle of wine, something you've written, or a favorite book. Anything goes as long as it is a true expression of the value you place on this experience. 

In return, I will list you as a featured collaborator in two exhibitions in the Spring 2014; a solo exhibition at Flashpoint Gallery in Washington DC and a group exhibition titled "Making Now: Open For Engagement" at the Florida State University Museum of Fine Art. I will credit you any time I publish our collaboration.

To Participate
There is no fee to apply to Variance Invariance, but I need you to document your assemblage with hi-res imagery to insure best reproduction in the gallery and in publications. 

This project is supported in part by the Florida State University Facility for Arts Research.
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